About Us

About Us

Established in 1991, Vantage Trailers, Inc. quickly became the go to lightweight aluminum frameless end dump trailer manufacturer in the United States. The industry and market have pushed the company to expand its product line. When you buy a Vantage, you are not only investing in the best technology, quality, and durability, you are investing in the knowledge, expertise, and understanding that comes from the highest quality craftsmen. As a result, we maintain the highest resale value in the industry.

At Vantage, we strive to know your business to ensure we provide you with trailers that will give you the Vantage Advantage.

"We want to run a family business that’s profitable, that is involved in our community, invested in our employees and their families, but never becomes so focused on our bottom line that we lose sight of why we started this company. In a day and age where companies are here one day and gone the next, we want to keep our company true to our craft and provide our customers with unparalleled custom services and quality, while giving them peace of mind because Vantage Trailers is here for the long haul."

Pat Lemmons

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