Industries Served

Vantage Trailers, Inc. serves many industries through various product lines. Our aluminum end dump trailers, liquid tank trailers, and liquid body mount tanks provide a wide variety of options for our customers.

Whether your business is construction, aggregates, cement, slurry, asphalt, environmental waste (liquid, or pressed,) oil and gas production, petroleum and refined fuels, grease, used cooking oils, septic, or restroom services, Vantage will likely have a product that will fill your requirements.

Aluminum End Dump Trailers

Our End Dump Trailers are used extensively in the construction materials, resource commodities, and primary materials industries. The uses for our light weight End Dumps include the hauling of rock, dirt, sand, coal, grain, aggregates, iron ore, sludge. Available as single, or double wall smooth sided flat floor, or our newly introduced round bottom end dump.

Aluminum Dry Bulk/Pneumatic Trailers

The Dry Bulk and Pneumatic Trailers are employed to transport products for the food, construction, and oil field services industries. The uses for this type of equipment is diverse and includes the hauling of cement, sand, frac sand, plastic pellets, fly ash, lime, gypsum, grain, flour, granulated sugar, and salt. Available as food grade and vacuum/pneumatic.

Aluminum Vacuum Trailers

The Vacuum Trailers manufactured by Vantage are the “go to” choice for the oilfield and natural gas service, frac water, sewage, sludge, septic water, environmental services, and grease trap industry. We enjoy a prominent position in the transport of fresh water (non-potable), disposal water, septic, sewage, grease, and other liquid transport products. 

Aluminum DOT 407 Crude Transport Trailers

Our DOT 407 Specification Trailers are the preferred asset in crude oil gathering and other petroleum transport. We have developed a dominant position among companies transporting crude oil and condensate.

Aluminum DOT 406 Petroleum Transport Trailers

The Vantage aluminum DOT 406 Petroleum transport is available as a standard elliptical, double tapered, or our unique Vantage triple slope elliptical design that allows for more product to be carried below the center-of-gravity than our competitors.

Aluminum Insulated Asphalt Trailers

Built to the finest fit and finish in the industry, the Vantage Aluminum Asphalt Transport stands head-and-shoulders above the rest. Built to the same rugged, lightweight standards of the rest of the Vantage product lines.

Aluminum Truck Mounted Bodies

Whether a vacuum tank for portable restrooms, septic, grease, used cooking oils, waste water, or other liquids, or a refined fuels tank, we can build it for you.




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