Aluminum Dry Bulk / Pneumatic Trailers

Aluminum Dry Bulk / Pneumatic Trailers

Vantage Trailers manufactures aluminum dry bulk trailers in the current models: 1,000 cu. Ft. 3 Hopper, 1,250 cu. Ft. 3 Hopper, 1,600 cu. Ft. 4 Hopper, and 2,000 cu. Ft. 4 Hopper.

  • Multiple Axle Configurations 
  • Hot-Dip Galvanized End Frames And Suspension Hangers
  • Fully “X-Braced” End Frame Construction 
  • “Pinned” (Large Diameter Pin) End Frame “Struts” For Durability And Necessary Flexibility
  • 45° Aluminum Discharge Hoppers
  • Three or Four Manways Located Offset Above The Hoppers
  • Hot Air Line Mounted On Curbside (Away From Operator)
  • Rear Mounted Ladder For Operator Convenience And Ladder Durability
  • Food Grade Option Available 
  • Led Lighting System Is Vantage Standard
  • Standard Pneumatic and Vacuum Pneumatic Available


550 CFT Doubles


1000 CFT Sand, or Cement

 1600 CFT Pneumatic



1600 Vacuum Pneumatic


1850 CFT Pneumatic

2070 CFT Custom Pneumatic



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