Aluminum Vacuum Trailers

Vantage Trailers manufactures aluminum Vacuum trailers in sizes ranging from 150 BBL. to 300 BBL.

  • Light Weight aluminum increases payload versus carbon steel by up to 4 tons, or more.
  • "Wide Track" Undercarriage Is A Vantage Standard (Option With Most Competition); Important Lateral Stability Enhancement, Particularly For  "Off-Highway" Operations
  • Undercarriage Frame, Kingpin Plate, And Suspension Hangers Are All Hot-Dip Galvanized For Maximum Longevity And Minimum Paint Maintenance And Corrosion Concerns
  • All Accessories (Fenders, Ladders, Hose Carriers, Etc.) Are Fully Bolted On For  "User Friendly" Ease Of Fleet Maintenance
  • A "Full Set" Of Channel Rings; This Design Concept Absorbs The Road Stresses More Effectively And Minimizes Loads Transmitted To Other Key Components, Such As Surge Baffles
  • Bolt-On Walkway With 3 Point Contact Access
  • Roll Stability Standard
  • LED Lighting System Is Vantage Standard
  • Custom Specifications Welcome


120 Barrel (5,050 USG) 2-Compartment Environmental Transport 


 150 Barrel (6,300 USG) Standard Vacuum Transport


 170 Barrel (7,200 USG) Environmental Transport



180 Barrel (7,560 USG) Tri Axle Vacuum



214 Barrel (9,000 USG) Vacuum Transport

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