• Vertical Panel Smooth Side Double Wall

Vantage Vertical Panel Double Wall End Dump Has Arrived


Michael Porter

Vantage Trailers, Inc.




Vantage Double Wall End Dumps

The Vertical Panel Smooth Sided Double is Now Available


Katy, Texas: Vantage Trailers, Inc. has re-introduced the double wall end dump trailer to its product lineup.


The Vertical Panel Smooth Sided Double Wall trailer will position Vantage Trailers, Inc. to aggressively enter markets where the double design is required. Drawing on years of end ump manufacturing experience, Vantage Trailers, Inc. will still be the best in class aluminum lightweight, durable end dump.


Most specifications available on all other Vantage end dump trailers will be available on this model.


Vantage Trailers, Inc.: Vantage Trailers, Inc. is a premier manufacturer of aluminum trailers and tanks. Located in Katy, TX since 1991, Vantage Trailers, Inc. is a family operated company with the philosophy that our customers deserve to be heard, and their needs should be met in a fair and professional manner.

Vantage S85VPSS Double Wall


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